Dear students,

We are fully operational as of June 29th, 2020.

Our on-site courses are back on again and the Covid-19 situation keeps evolving favourably in Spain but, although Valencia has been one of the least affected regions in the country – with the lowest number of cases of COVID’19 infections per 100,000 inhabitants -, we are fully aware of the uncertainty that this unprecedented situation can cause on those looking forward to coming to Spain to learn Spanish as soon as this time of crisis is over, but having issues with booking an on-site course with us yet.

That’s why we have made some notable changes in our booking process, providing greater peace of mind and guarantees when booking a seat in our Spanish courses: 

  1. If a student is unable to travel due to an international ban, a full refund will be made.
  2. Students can decide not to travel to Spain for their Spanish course until 2 weeks before the beginning of their booking, even if there is no ban and AIP Language Institute is fully operational. In such a case, we offer the following:
        1. Postponing the start of the course while maintaining the same services and price.
        2. Using the paid deposit to take one of our online Spanish courses.


Apart from the above stated, we have a very special promo for those booking an on-site Spanish course before September 28th:

20% off on all our courses, on-site and online* 

Needless to say that we will resume our lessons under strict safety measures to continue teaching Spanish in completely safe conditions and, to guarantee that, we have obtained ‘Covid-19 Safe School’ certificate, issued by the Spanish Federation of Spanish Schools (FEDELE), after approving our prevention and contingency plan

We will closely follow any updates on the matter and we will take further safety measures if necessary, doing everything in our power to provide safety and quality so that you only worry about learning Spanish.

Looking forward to seeing you at our school soon!

The team of AIP Language Institute

*Not valid for One-to-One Courses


20% OFF


A language is meant
to be lived.

* 20% off for enrolments in courses starting before September 28th. For later starts, 10% off.


Only for bookings made before December 31st, 2020.


INTENSIVE COURSESBÁSICO / Vive Valencia (20 lecciones/semana)CURSO BASICO PLUS, NEGOCIOS & CURSO DELE(25 lecciones/semana)CURSO DE NEGOCIOS PLUS & CURSO DELE PLUS(30 lecciones/semanas)
1 Semana€ 222€ 267€ 306
2 Semanas€ 383€ 450€ 522
3 Semanas€ 576€ 676€ 783
4 Semanas€ 767€ 900€ 1,044
5 Semanas€ 958€ 1,124€ 1,306
6 Semanas€ 1,080€ 1,267€ 1,567
7 Semanas€ 1,260€ 1,478€ 1,828
8 Semanas€ 1,440€ 1,689€ 1,947
9 Semanas€ 1,520€ 1,750€ 2,000
Semana Extra€ 158/semana€ 194/semana€ 222/semana


# SEMANASComprensión y Gramática (13 lecciones/semana)Conversación (7 lecciones/semana)
1 semana€ 165€ 94
2 semanas€ 284€ 161
3 semanas€ 428€ 242
4 semanas€ 570€ 322
5 semanas€ 712€ 403
6 semanas€ 802€ 454
7 semanas€ 936€ 530
8 semanas€ 1,069€ 606
Semana extra€ 118/semana€ 66/semana

The price includes

  • Level test (oral & written).
  • Course book (only for students attending lessons for only one or two weeks). Students who attend lessons for more than two weeks must buy the book.
  • Certificates of completion.
  • Acesso à Internet e Wi-fi. GRÁTIS.
  • Free access to the Learning Centre.
  • Free afternoon cultural activities. At least, 2 -3 times per week.
  • Centro de Aprendizagem com 3 horas de monitoria por semana. GRÁTIS. Depende da disponibilidade semanal dos professores.

Our 'Vive Valencia' course also includes

  • Public transport rides for the activities
  • Tickets to the tourist attractions during course hours

ONE-TO-ONE Lessons*

Aulas Particulares de Espanhol na sala de aula

 Prices for 1 person
1 Lesson€ 45
10 Lessons€ 375
20 Lessons€ 650
 Prices for 2 people
1 Lesson€ 55
10 Lessons€ 445
20 Lessons€ 750

Aulas Particulares de Espanhol Online

 Prices for 1 person
1 Lesson€ 35
10 Lessons€ 300
20 Lessons€ 550
 Prices for 2 people
1 Lesson€ 50
10 Lessons€ 420
20 Lessons€ 800

Academic semester (ASP) & academic year (AYP) of Spanish courses in Spain*

 INTENSIVE (20 lessons/week)SUPERINTENSIVE (25 lessons/week)
SUPER SAVER (12 WEEKS)€ 1,704€ 2,100
SUPER SAVER (24 WEEKS)€ 3,408€ 4,200
SUPER SAVER (36 WEEKS)€ 5,117€ 6,300
SUPER SAVER (48 WEEKS)€ 6,822€ 8,400

*Note: These courses cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.

We suggest you read the REGISTRATION CONDITIONS thoroughly before registering in any of our Spanish courses.

For more information about our school, check our brochure out.

Serviços adicionais:

  • Serviço de Translado do aeroporto, estação de ônibus e estação de trem: 55 €
  • Atividades culturais espanholas em Valência e viagens no fim de semana em toda a Espanha: verifique com o calendário na área restrita para participantes.
  • Seguro de saúde opcional: 2 semanas = 25 €, semana adicional = 6€, mais de 8 semanas = 50 €

Descontos especiais:

  • 10% de desconto para ex-alunos
  • Se 3 alunos se inscreverem juntos, receberão um desconto adicional de 10%.
  • Se 5 alunos se inscreverem juntos, receberão um desconto adicional de 15%.


e obter descontos e taxa de inscrição livre



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