We offer two types of accommodation in Valencia.

A host family or shared apartments with other international students from the school.
In both cases, electricity, gas and water expenses are included. However, if you are planning to stay at a Student Residence, the school can assist you on which is the nearest one to our centre. If you are under legal age, you must stay with a host family.
The main difference lies on the personal experience you wish to have. Staying with a host family is the best option if you are looking for direct contact with Spanish customs and culture and/or practice the language as much as possible. In fact, we do not offer accommodation + breakfast services, since, to us, it is important to share, at least, one meal with the host family, thus spending time with them practicing the language or exchanging your views.
The host families we work with have of our abiding trust and we have work together for many years. We are sure you will feel welcome and comfortable, since the Spanish culture is very warm and hospitable. Also, the host families are friendly and open, but do not expect to speak English; most of the ladies do not know how to speak it!
Yet, for many, the experience of living in an apartment with other international students from the school is completely different. You will have a single room in the home and you will share the common areas: kitchen, living room, and bathroom. You are responsible for keeping said areas clean and buying food/groceries. Also, you are in charge of buying the necessary cleaning products, toilet paper, washing-up liquid, etc., which you will all share.
We have learned from experience that students often build good relations with their fellow roommates, probably developing a long-lasting relationship, especially when it comes to long-term stays. Although they must take into account that, most of the times, the common language is English, since it is possible that your level of Spanish is not the same.
If you are planning on a long-term stay in Valencia, a very good option is dividing your time between both options, for example, half your stay with a host family and subsequently moving to an apartment when you have acquired a higher level of Spanish. Besides, if you wish to continue with the type of accommodation you have previously chosen, there would not be a problem.

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